Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fighting - 20 Days to go

Well, as luck would have it, I think I'm coming down with something. I've been trying to fight this off for a while now and still determined to beat it. A bad sleeping schedule, holiday sugar and being ultra busy don't lend to good health. This is definitely NOT good timing, too much to do and only 20 days to do it in.

Right now i'm trying to figure out what to pack. We only have an 80 lb luggage allowance. One thing, though, is that South Africa is unique to other countries the Peace Corps goes to, in that the larger cities have anything and everything that you could find in the US or any other 1st world country. So do I buy here or buy there? Do I want to spend my living allowance or my savings? What if I already have it but it weighs a ton? Do I buy a camp shower or do I just do the bucket bath? Should I take a laundry plunger or just use my hands? What type of Jacket should I get? A wind breaker? A Rain Coat? What about a sleeping bag? Some PCV (Peace Corps Volunteers) say take it, others say they never used it. Oh and what about a solar powered battery charger? Gah! To many choices to make! :)

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  1. Buy there! It's a kazillion times cheaper than in the US!