Tuesday, August 31, 2010

July 26th, 2010

Hi! I'm sorry its been so long since I've written a decent update. With the back thing followed by a bad cold and going back and forth to Nelspruit, trying to play catch up at the project, world cup festivities and spending time fellow Peace Corps Volunteers and other friends it's been a little crazy.

The Back:

So after my ER visit, I stayed in Nelspruit and went to the Physiotherapist twice then came home. I continued to take the drugs the rest of that week and then stopped. After the Dr. injected my back, the spasms stopped and then it was matter of slowly making the muscles relax. I had a follow up appointment on the following Friday but it was postponed to the Tuesday, cause I got a bad cold and wasn't able to travel.

The Garden:

The garden was planted, while I was in Nelspruit dealing with the back thing, by the caregivers who work closest to the project. They planted lots of cabbage, green peppers, onions, lettuce, spinach and beet root. They are growing! :) Now it’s just a matter of making sure it gets watered...

The Borehole:

The JoJo ran out of water as soon as they finished planting the garden. Turns out the borehole isn't working for whatever reason. When we called the guy who dug it for us, he informed us that he was no longer with the company and had moved to KZN. We called the company and they informed us that he had been fired for pocketing all the money from our job and that they have no idea about our borehole. The boss has promised several times to come take a look but has never followed through. In the meantime we asked the municipality to come fill our JoJos for us, two weeks later they still hadn't come, only to find that they hadn't paid the guys that they contract out to deliver the water....sigh....evidence of the lack of organization and initiative in the area. The municipality finally came and we're hoping they can keep returning until we can get the borehole situation resolved. There were a couple days there where we had to carry water from 3-4 blocks away. I got the kids to help out, but it was no small task.

World Cup:

It was an amazing success and Africa is proud that such a big event was held here without a hitch and hopes it proved that there are plenty of misconceptions about this place. The country was abuzz with energy and it even trickled into the rural areas. You always knew a goal had been made when you heard vuvuzelas throughout the neighbourhood. I watched the first game at the fan park in my shopping town with some fellow volunteers and community friends. I caught glimpses of other games on TV and listened to a couple on the radio. Everyone is sad that it’s over but we're all hoping that people will go home and tell all their friends and families how incredible South Africa is. It really really is!


This week SA21 is attending IST (In Service Training) at the college we stayed at when we first arrived in South Africa. It’s really fun to see everyone after so long. Not sure I'm excited about being in training all day though. At the end of the week we get to go visit the families we stayed with during our PST (Pre Service Training). That should be really amazing and I'm excited for that.

Anyways, things are going well. Everyday is about a dozen rollercoasters and I'm often exhausted and completely overwhelmed at the end of the day. I often feel like I cannot make a dent in the massive amount of need here. Sigh, doing what I can....

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